I’m not the only one

I found a cool website today www.adventconspiracy.org .  I loved this question:

What if you could inspire your church, your family and yourself to avoid being consumed by commercialism this Christmas?

worship more

spend less

give more

love all

I think it fits well with my previous post.  However, I don’t want you to think that I am a modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge.  I will be doing Christmas baking (my husband is already looking forward to stollen);

my tree will be up and trimmed with all of my favorite “memory” ornaments (and my girls despair that I refuse to abandon the eclectic tree for a “themed” tree);

my nativity sets (including my lastest acquisition of a Kyrghystani creche from my daughter’s deployment this year) will be displayed;

Christmas music will be played on my CD player (and I will still carve some alone time this season to listen to the entire Handel’s Messiah). 

I love this season, and I love it even more since I have slowly, over the years, tried to simplify and slow down and remember what this time of year is truly all about.

Psalm 112 begins with “Praise the Lord!”  Just three simple, one-syllable words that can change an attitude, lift a spirit, inspire renewed faith.  When I become frustrated over attitudes — “Praise the Lord” would encourage me to pray for my brothers and sisters, rather than judge them and their motives.  When I am tired and cranky — “Praise the Lord” will lift my spirits and give me the energy to finish well (and not sin with my tongue).

These three words are not some kind of “magic mantra” that, upon saying, will make everything fall into “our”  line.  Praising the Lord is actually taking the focus off me — my frustrations, my way, my expectations — and putting the focus where it belongs, which is on the Lord.  This is His season; He is the only One worthy of praise.

This psalmist is speaking of a person who is actually quite happy and content and non-stressed.  The man who fears the Lord (and can truly praise Him) is




gracious and compassionate

steadfast of heart

not shaken in troubled times

This person doesn’t sound like a Scrooge to me.  I so want to “praise [my] Lord.  I want to be that blessed [wo]man who fears the Lord, who finds great delight in His commands.”  May each of us make Psalm 112 an earnest prayer of our hearts this season.


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