New Computers and Living as a Romans 12 Christian

A bit longer title than usual, but I figured I’d give you a warning for what you are in for if you should read this.  Now understand, I’m not completely computer illiterate . . .but my dear husband bought me a new, faster computer, and installed it for me last night.  This morning I awoke as usual, made coffee as usual, meditated on my morning verse as usual (today’s was Philippians 2:5 — have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus — should have seen this coming) turned on my computer as usual, sat down to listen to “my programs” (Revive our Hearts, Renewing Your Mind, etc.), and . . .no sound coming from the speakers on my monitor.

Just so you have more of a clue to my “mindset” — I tell my husband I am relatively easy to please.  In a car, it can be any color, any number of doors, any make, as long as it is automatic transmission, and when I turn the key in the ignition, it starts.  In home remodeling (which is his continual pasttime) I just want the toilet to flush when I turn the handle, and the water to run when I turn on the sink.  In computers, he can do whatever he wants to do to add bells and whistles — I just want the computer to turn on when I push the button, and when I go to a website and push (play audio) the familiar theme songs comes lightly playing through the speakers.

So . . . as the no sound came blaring through. . . my coffee cup almost empty. . .I decided to get a refill, and repeat Philippians 2:5 there and back.  Maybe it was a fluke.  I tested the sound again. . .unless I have suddenly turned deaf (and I know I haven’t because I can hear the ‘tap tap’ of the keyboard as I type) there is still no sound.

My routine interrupted. . .Philippians 2:5 running through my brain . . .and my thinking this past week about the realities of living as a Romans 12 Christian.  I should have known better; God almost always has me “relive and relearn” those things I attempt to teach.  I am getting better; I didn’t get my husband out of bed at 6 a.m. to “fix it so it works when I push the button.”  I didn’t flare up with anger or frustration, and didn’t just stare to “will it to work” (at least not too many times).

Isn’t it amazing how easily we can trust God and depend on Him to give us the right attitude when dealing with the “big stuff” but totally “lose it” on the little, really insignificant stuff?  Seriously, this little inconvenience is not worth two minutes of my time!  When my hubby gets up, he will gladly fix the situation (as I recall, he even said when we went to bed last night, “I didn’t get the speakers set up,” and I replied sleepily, “hmmmm, ok,”) I can listen to my programs later, and, due to the miracles of modern technology, today’s programs will be there tomorrow!

Back to Romans 12. . .verse 9 says, “Let love be genuine.  Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.” (ESV) Genuine love; 1 Corinthians 13 love; fruit of the Spirit love (Galatians 5); patient love; kind love; self-controlled love.  Definitely not “pitching a fit because my routine was interrupted.” 

Again, I have a choice.  Today, this morning, I choose to relax and read my Bible first instead of listening to “my programs.”  I choose to love my husband and be grateful for his spoiling me with a new computer.  I choose to “not think of myself more highly than I ought to think” (from Romans 12:3) as though I deserve to have things my way when I want them.  Because the Holy Spirit gives me a “new mind” I don’t have to do things the way I used to do them.  I can choose now; I choose to submit my will to God’s will; I choose to love; I choose to wait.

And, John 15:5 rings in my mind and ear and heart, “. . .apart from Me [Christ] you can do nothing. . .”  And so I remember, the only reason that “I” can choose, is because of Christ, because He paid such a bloody price for my sinful choices.  Oh, Lord, thank You for the cross!

Another refill of coffee. . .comfy chair in the living room. . .Bible and pen in my lap. . .it is a good day!

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