Rocking babies
Teaching toddlers
This is loving Jesus.
Cutting firewood
Mowing grass
This is serving Jesus.
Meals on Wheels
Parenting classes
This is honoring Jesus.
Singing praises
Greeting people
This is loving Jesus.
This is obeying Jesus.
Sharing a meal
Calling a shut-in
This is imitating Jesus.
Opening your home
Opening your heart
This is serving Jesus.
This is loving Jesus.

In my marriage
In my family
Do those I love see Jesus?
On my street
In my workplace
Who needs to know my Jesus?
In my town
In my world
Am I serving Jesus?
By my life
By my speech
Does anyone want to meet Jesus?
Serving, Mowing
Giving, Driving
Clothing. Cooking
Cleaning, Teaching
Singing, praying
Touching, talking
Will it invite people to Jesus?
And this is His commandment,
That we believe in the name
Of His Son Jesus Christ,
And love one another,
Just as He commanded us.
(1 John 3:23 ESV)


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