Perfectly Happy

  “As the apple tree among the trees of the woods, so is my Beloved among the sons.”  (Song of Songs 2:3) 

I have recently begun listening to C. H. Spurgeon sermons on the internet.  That even sounds peculiar to me when I write this, since Spurgeon preached in London in the 1800’s, long before any of the technology that is so normal and commonplace to us.  The sermons may be “old” but their content is as fresh and challenging today as it was on July 6, 1873, when the following was heard:


“My dear Hearers, there are some of you who have never known, yet, what it is to be perfectly happy. I do not call it being perfectly happy to be full of excitement, laughter and apparent joy—and then to go home in the evening and sit down and feel disgusted with it all. That is the froth of fancy and not the true wine of joy. But to be perfectly happy is to be able to think about all things on earth and all things in Heaven, and yet to say, “I lack nothing! There is nothing I desire, nothing I pine after! I am saved! I am a child of God—the eternal God is my own Father! I am on my way to His own glorious house. If death should strike me now it would not matter, or if I am spared for another 50 years it will make no difference to me, for all is well and could not be better! If there are crosses in my lot, they are God-sent crosses. If I have troubles, they work my lasting good. If I lose, I am a gainer by my losses. If I have all things, I see God in all things. And if I have nothing, yet I see all things in my God. Nothing more can I desire. Christ is all and Christ is mine and, therefore, I have all things.” Now, that is the position of the Christian this day. He sits down under the shadow of Christ and Christ’s fruit is sweet to him. Let me ask you, can you imagine any other place where such peace of mind or such happiness can be enjoyed?”


That is my “plea for grace.”  That is my hope and my lasting joy.  That is my treasure; that is the juiciest fruit, the reddest strawberry; the most juicy blackberry; the juiciest peach and apple that any fruit tree could ever produce.  Is He yours?

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.” (John 3:16 ESV)



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