Day One: Flexibility and Forbearance

We are on the road!

First flexibility opportunity:  we decided to take the faster route (I-84) rather than the less-trafficked route (highway 2o).  We did happen to see an antelope and a hawk diving for her kill. . .

First forbearance opportunity: The anti-anxiety pills worked well for Kioni (the dog) but actually made the cats nervous and upset. It’s amazing how long two cats can continuously meow (approximately 5 hours) without stopping for more than a few minutes. I admire the patience of my friend Bonnie. When I sent Tod an update text, he replied that he probably would have left them at the waterfalls on the Gorge. . .

Second flexibility opportunity: I had made numerous CDs for us to listen while we drive (translate that as it’s time for Bev to stop talking and give her voice a rest). Usually I “test” CDs multiple times when I burn them from my computer. This time I did not. I had carefully marked each CD with the conference session or book title. However, when I put in the CD , “Crazy Love part 1” happened to be a session by Voddie Baucham; Voddie Baucham was a session by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, and I haven’t been adventurous enough to see what’s on the other CDs. If you have ever been the recipient of the practical joke where someone sneaks into your pantry when you are gone and takes off all the canned food labels– yes, it’s a little like that.

Second forbearance opportunity: We had planned to stop in Meridian, ID, for the night. We had friends waiting with a room for us and for the critters. However, about an hour before Pendleton, OR, I began having chest pain and shortness of breath, in addition to some neuropathy and joint pain (it’s been a grueling 4-5 days). I called our friends, and began the conversation, “I am about to disappoint 4 people. . .” They are incredibly gracious, and instead of hosting us overnight, will be serving us a meal tomorrow as we pass through. We are staying in Pendleton for the night; the kitties and dog are fed (as are we), and in just a few minutes the lights will go out and we will go to sleep.

One thought on “Day One: Flexibility and Forbearance

  1. Sounds like an interesting 1st day! I certainly hope the next 7 or so days won’t be as “interesting”!! By now the “Meowing” must be ringing in your ears… you’ll probably still hear it after the cats have shut-up! Hopefully they will get hoarse and be reduced to silent meows!

    Be well, my friend. Hope you can relax your heart, as well as the rest of your body.
    You have an army praying for you!
    Love you!

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