If It’s Friday, it Must be Wyoming

I think the “furry friends” have finally accepted their current lot in life, and are being excellent travellers. There was nary a meow the entire day!

We haven’t quite reached the Rocky Mountains, but the Wasatch and Sawtooth range were beautiful! We didn’t encounter rain until mid-afternoon, and many thanks again to Tod for coating the windshield with Rain-ex!

My symptoms are still annoying me — chest pain, numbness and burning in my feet and hands–but Bonnie is insistent that I rest and not carry anything heavier than my purse. I am learning to comply without much fuss . . .

We are staying tonight in Rock Springs, Wyoming. By internet calculations, we are about 8 hours from Colorado Springs, so we have a full day tomorrow as well.

We are enjoying our “surprise CD collection” (see previous posts if that didn’t make sense) and have now listened to Bob LePine (what men wish women knew about them) and Susan Hunt (spiritual mothering).  It may seem silly, but part of the relaxation of this trip is not even planning who the next speaker on the next CD will be! In fact, that’s not the only “planning” that I have chosen to discard — I call the hotel for a reservation as we are approaching town, rather than reserving online the night before (I’m not sure just when I will be tired and it will be time to stop). Though it’s good to make plans and be organized, it has been restful to not watch the clock, to not “have to” be somewhere at a certain time.

Speaking of somewhere, it’s time for bed. We have a relatively early morning, and there’s no sense being awake once the animals have bedded down for the night.


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