Colorado Springs and a Wonderful Respite

We are at our dear friends the Bergs, here in Colorado Springs. They are graciously providing us (and my critters) with a wonderful rest. In fact, we will be attending church with them this evening, so that we can get on the road in the morning, and head to Kansas and beyond. . .

The rainy and stormy weather has been following us off and on during our travels. My, how the wind can blow in Wyoming!! I’m expecting a change in temperature when we start crossing the prairies. I’ve heard that Virginia has been experiencing very warm weather

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Colorado Springs and a Wonderful Respite

  1. Oh my dear friend ( and my friend by proxie, Bonnie I feel like I know you through Bev)
    Wasn’t it Steinbeck who said ” the best laid plans of mice and man”. He didn’t hold a candle to what God has plamnnmed for us. Much as we try, we just can’t seem to second guess what God has planmned for us and what His timing is. I am glad that things are going relativily well for you. We have been praying for you daily. There is a sense of freedom when you chuck ther plans out the window ( now let’s not litter though) and just sit back to follow what God has planned. Say Hi to Bob and Joy (and Bob and Julie). I have really appreciated your daily updates. Love you and Miss you already

  2. Mom, wth is a respite? Also, are you guys biking across the country? How are the animals doing that with you? You really should have drove. It’s supposed to take about 2 or 3 days. The good news is the we’ll have a room cleared out for you by September when you get here.

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