The Plains States — Sunny and Humid

We left Colorado Springs (and our dear friends) this morning, and have decided to stop in Salina, Kansas. We had hoped to make it to Junction City, so we could eat supper at Cracker Barrel, but I just got too fatigued. . .again, you aren’t behind schedule if you don’t have one. We only have a deadline — Bonnie must be on a plane from Washington, DC to Fairbanks, AK on Friday morning, the 18th.

We attended church at Woodmen Valley Chapel last evening. I’ve listened to Matt Heard for several years over the internet, but had never actually seen/heard him in person. He spoke on John 17, and how Jesus’ prayer for us to have Life with a “capital L” would have an upward focus, an inward focus, and an outward focus. This week was on the outward focus. What an encouragement and affirmation for what God has called Tod and me to be doing in Virginia!

Today Bonnie and I spent much of the day listening to messages by James MacDonald, Mary Kassian, Jennifer Rothschild, and Pastor Nyquist (president of Moody Bible Institute). What a blessing to have such a wealth of choices, and such a gift when I really needed to “be quiet” today. I’ve been talking so much in my excitement to “catch up” with Bonnie and our friends along the way that my throat is quite swollen and my neck/shoulder/back muscles are quite sore. Thankfully, it’s an easy fix — I just need to listen more than I speak. . .

Our hope is that we get a really good night’s rest, so we can be off early tomorrow and make up some time. The weather is being cooperative, and I am remembering what humidity feels like. . .

2 thoughts on “The Plains States — Sunny and Humid

  1. Salina Kansas……I didn’t know Salina Kansas even had a motel. Dale grew up near there in Formosa. Good luck tomorrow. You know Kansas is so flat that if your dog runs away you can watch him running for 3 days before he disappears from sight.

  2. It has been so much fun reading your posts everyday. Thank you! šŸ™‚ SOunds like you guys are having alot of fun. Are you guys taking pictures along the way? I’d love to see some of the sights your getting to see. Have fun, rest lots, and know that your in our prayers!

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