Thunderstorms and Heat Index — Is it Really Day Six?

The kitties, dog (and Bonnie) got to experience a true midwestern thunderstorm for the first time last night. I love the smell of the ground after the storm is over and the wind has died down. Also, the “closeness” of the air when the humidity is high and the sun is up and the weather is warm–those Michigan/New Jersey/North and South Carolina/Georgia summer memories came flooding back. We all are incredibly grateful for air conditioning!

I’m happy to have an interesting trip, but I’m also very pleased to have an uneventful trip. For that we are also very grateful. I do appreciate all the prayers which have been lifted on our behalf.

We did see a few sights today — we drove near the arch in St. Louis, and drove near Daniel Boone’s birthplace. We also drove past Dodge City and Boot Hill (but didn’t stop at any of them, just driving through was sufficient). For all of our Oregon friends, we have now driven on the beginning of the Oregon Trail in Missouri, and yet another section of the Lewis and Clark Trail.  It struck me funny to see the symbols on the highway that have become so familiar to me.

If you have been following the weather, it will not surprise you at all to know that the Missouri River and the Mississippi River are running very high right now. We are so grateful that we have not run in to any flooding. That seems to be further south from us.

Lastly, I want y’all to know that I exhibited extreme self-control today. We drove past the Kansas City Royals stadium, and I was just a tad sad that I couldn’t stop for a game, but then, we drove past the St. Louis Cardinals’ stadium as numerous “red shirts” were pouring into the stadium; and then I found out that they were playing the Mariners tonight! If it weren’t for the animals. . .

We have stopped for the night in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. We will be in Richmond, Kentucky tomorrow to see Tod’s sister for a few hours, and then on to West Virginia for the night. That means, at this point, we should be in Virginia by Wednesday. Let’s see how that schedule works . . .

2 thoughts on “Thunderstorms and Heat Index — Is it Really Day Six?

  1. I was worried about you guys today when i saw all of the flooding over there, iam glad that you guys have not crossed paths with the flooding, and will continue to pray for you guys. Sounds like you gettting to see some amazing sights, lover hearing about them. thank you again for doing this blog. Its like reading a book! 🙂

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