We are Here! For Real!

I can’t say “finally home” yet, because I’m writing from Nate’s home tonight. Some of our furniture will make its way from storage container to our home on Saturday. Until then, it’s still the “living out of a suitcase” life for the critters and me . . .

I’m just about to crawl into bed, but I will have to navigate my way around some kitties and a dog. Since this trip began, I can usually reach out at any time and pet an animal. They just do not want to let me out of their sight! I’m appreciating it actually, because it has eliminated the “I can’t find you because you are hiding because you don’t want to get in the car again” nightmare. Kioni found her frisbee in the van (now that it’s been emptied a bit more than when we just stop for the night) and the tail-wagging, very happy dog got to play frisbee and be off her leash outside for a short time. Leonard thinks stairs are a special game created just for his pleasure — I told him to play now, because the “game” will not be played at his new home . . .

Tomorrow Bonnie and I plan to drive over to the new house, so I can see how much I really remember . . . the TomTom has been such a help on this trip and “Bonnie” (TomTom Bonnie as opposed to real Bonnie) has kept us on the right track this entire eight days of travel. We are about two miles “as the crow flies” from Nate’s house, but of course can’t fly like crows do, so I will be able to time the here to there for myself. Now, if “Bonnie TomTom” can tell me how to get to the grocery store (which she can, by the way).

Good night, friends. As much as I miss those I have left behind, it is nice to be “home.”

One thought on “We are Here! For Real!

  1. Yea! Cross-country safe & sound!! Praise the Lord and thank you Bonnie!
    I’m glad the animals are all well… and I’m sure they will LOVE thier new home.
    Stay in touch, my Friend.
    Love ya!

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