This and That

I haven’t given up on Romans 8, but decided it was time to post a bit of “what’s new in our world.”


I can finally get to a grocery store without the TomTom telling me every turn. I can almost make it to church without the help of “Bonnie” (the TomTom voice).

We are finally seeing more dining room floor and less boxes than this time last week. However, there are more boxes in the spare room than there were last week . . .

The kitchen is a bit more usable (forgive the grammar folks) now, and I can put a few groceries away. The kitchen cabinets are being torn off  the walls next week, to be ready for the new cabinets that come at the end of the month. We had to update the kitchen faster than we had intended; the existing cabinets seriously cannot support a set of dishes, and no amount of contact paper could make me feel good about putting food on these shelves.

We have internet and cable now, so I can start catching up on my correspondence and organizing my office. Tod put up the bookshelves and assembled the filing cabinet, so I’m ready to start whittling down the piles and boxes . . .

Our air conditioning will be fixed hopefully this week. Turns out we have a bad sensor switch. Not too hard to fix, he just had to order the part. AC is so important here, with the high humidity and temperatures. In my younger, healthier days, we could make do with fans. But now, the heavy air makes breathing difficult, and my body doesn’t process heat well anymore (i.e. I swell more than perspire). For some that may be too much information; for others, it’s a call to pray.

Speaking of my health, yes, the increased activity of the past month has finally begun to take its toll. Intense fatigue has set in. Joint swelling. Distracting pain. Difficulty concentrating. Crying easily (Tod especially loves that symptom). Prayers for patience and contentment are appreciated.

Church is good. Even with summer, there were nearly 70 people in attendance last week. There continues to be new faces (not just to us, real new faces) each week. I had to smile when Nate asked us to be “indoor greeters” as we were making our way to the door to start introducing ourselves to those who came in. We are looking forward to a Fall Celebration of one year, which just means that we will be finding more ways to get the word out that Village Midlothian is here. Something we have noticed is the diversity of people in this very new church — diversity of race, of age, of marital status, of careers. There is a definite need here. We are praying that God will use us as He builds His kingdom.

Thanks for praying for us. Thanks for caring about us,


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