This and That Update for August 2010

It’s been almost two months since we moved into our house in Midlothian, VA. Many of the boxes are unpacked, but the dining room is still full of boxes containing cabinets, and other boxes containing the items that will go into the cabinets. Tod is reaping the benefit of watching the “home improvement” shows on HGTV and PBS, as he is installing the cabinets himself. I’m grateful that I have enough counter space for the coffee pot, the toaster oven and electric skillet. It’s a little like camping, but the roof doesn’t leak when it rains.

Speaking of rain, we are remembering what “summer in the South” is like. When it rains, it truly pours down. Thunder and lightning crash; flash flood warnings and severe weather warnings interrupt television and radio stations. When the storm passes, it feels like a steam bath outside. The air is heavy with moisture. We had wind chill factor in Alaska; in Virginia we have heat index. However, in just about six weeks the trees outside the sun room will be a beautiful gold and rust; the air will be crisp, and there will be a nip in the air in the morning. I’ve been so aware of God’s majesty, His power and His creativity. “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the skies above proclaim His handiwork . . .”

Village Church continues to grow. More people have been joining the existing community group, and they are bursting at the seams. Tod and I will start up another community group beginning in September. It’s so encouraging to see such a high percentage of the people attending on Sunday who want to be involved in community during the week. We still are not certain where our location will be in September. Though we can stay at the elementary school, we still will not be allowed to use classrooms and the Village Kids and the nursery will have to continue to meet in a hallway. More families with children are joining our fellowship, and we need appropriate space. We are awaiting approval at another school which will allow classroom space, and which has a larger auditorium for the adults. We are looking into other possibilities as well, such as leasing retail space. Please continue to pray for wisdom, patience and sensitivity to where God is leading us.

Currently I am moving (slowly, but moving) through Zechariah. It’s been a good followup to my studies in Ezra, Haggai, and even Esther. What has so impressed me is the reminder that God’s purpose will be accomplished. What God purposes, will happen; He is greater than any obstacle; He is much more powerful than any enemy; His plans will not be thwarted by my sin. Even situations that seem like “delays” in the human timetable are no surprise to the Sovereign King of the universe. Tod and I are in Midlothian by God’s appointment. We are in this house, in this neighborhood, among these people because this is where God has placed us. We desire to be His instruments of mercy and grace to a people who do not know Him. We want to be His agents of hope and encouragement to those who do.

Matthew 20:26 ” . . .But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, 27 and whoever would be first among you must be your slave, 28 even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” ESV

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