This and That October 8

Hello, friends!

Last night Tod (and Nate) moved t he washer and dryer to their new home in the former “orange half-bath.” No more washer and dryer in the kitchen! Now the cabinets which will hold food can be moved in, and I will actually be able to start putting the kitchen in order. It will be another few weeks before the vinyl is installed, but all the appliances are working, the water is turned on, and I have a real, working kitchen!!

It has been a joy to be able to cook for our small group. We meet on Wednesdays for dinner and then our bible study/discussion time. Our dining area is large enough to fit everyone comfortably around the table. It’s beginning to feel more like “home.” In less than three weeks, our house will have baby/toddler sounds as Scott, Tanya, Matthew, and the animals move in. Scott has accepted a position with University of Phoenix at their Richmond, VA, campus. Their plan is to settle in Midlothian, as it is an easy commute to downtown Richmond.

Village church will have their first service in the new facility this Sunday, October 10. Tomahawk Creek Middle School has much more room for Kids Village, and an actual auditorium with seating for the adults to worship. Please continue to pray that we will be faithful to invite and be Jesus to those around us. So many are familiar with church, but have no commitment to a body of believers, nor really see the need for a church family.

As far as the weather is concerned, Fall is here, and it is beautiful! There is a slight breeze, and comfortable temperatures in the mid 70s. The leaves are turning, the sun is shining. This is my favorite time of year.

Thank you for checking in, and for caring about us. Tod is looking forward to seeing our Oregon friends this Sunday at Foothills. Give him a hug and let him know you are praying for us.


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