Finally — an apron that fits me!

Call me old-fashioned. . .or maybe just old . . .but I like aprons. My grandma Erwin (everyone called her Mom) always wore an apron. I was probably 5 when she gave me one of my own made from “leftovers” from one of her aprons.

I’ve had several, but they all share a similar problem — they just don’t fit my figure. (I understand that Miss Kay, on Duck Dynasty, shares a similar problem when she is apron shopping)

Enter crafty gal, and her tutorial for making a 50’s style apron that really fits. This particular one doesn’t have a lot of ruffles, either. I don’t mind ruffles, but sometimes I just don’t want to take the time to make them, especially when I am “recycling” fabric (in this case, a worn bed sheet).

Now I’m set for my next cooking/baking session!

One thought on “Finally — an apron that fits me!

  1. I was just thinking about this yesterday, as I ALWAYS wear an apron — just wanna protect my clothes!! 🙂

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