A Godly Woman’s Hands

. . .she works with willing hands. . .with the fruit of her hands she plants. . .she puts her hands to the distaff. . .her hands hold the spindle. . .she opens her hand to the poor, and reaches out her hands to the needy. . .(from Proverbs 31)

Hands. Used to bring beautiful melodies from an instrument. Used to craft articles of clothing from balls of yarn or bolts of cloth. Used to knead bread dough, blend a sauce, decorate a cake. Used to write letters, paint pictures, tend a garden. Used to rub a back or soothe a feverish forehead. Used to clap and cheer on a loved one. Hands.

This “noble, capable woman” in Proverbs 31 uses her hands well. She uses her hands willingly, not begrudgingly (v 13). She is creative and makes useful things (v 16,19). She is generous with her hands (v 20).

So, when I am cleaning my house, doing laundry, cooking meals, that day to day stuff that occupies time and energy– what is my attitude? Is it willing? Am I grateful for the family who makes all the laundry/cleaning/cooking possible?
Am I generous with my hands? Not merely in a monetary way; am I generous with my time, with my encouragement?

God gave me my hands. Lord, may I use them for Your glory.

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