Read Through the Bible in 2019 – Days 11-17

Hatred and Revenge





These are just a few of the topics in Genesis 27-42

And, Romans 12 and following, we really start to “flesh out” what it looks like to walk in the Spirit . . .13:14 “But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and don’t make plans to gratify the desires of the flesh . . . “

because, as we remember in chapter 8 . . .those who are in the flesh cannot please God . .

What stood out to you this week?

3 thoughts on “Read Through the Bible in 2019 – Days 11-17

  1. The story of Dinah, Shechem and Simeon & Levi. What a dysfunctional family. Dad does nothing because the boys are out in the fields? Boys are outraged, but bide their time. Whatever happened to Dinah? I know she’s not a central player, but I want to know more. What a brutal retaliation! And Levi becomes the tribe of priests. . . Who woulda thunk??? 🙂
    Now, Romans! I’ve decided that I would probably not take any adult Sunday school classes taught by Paul! He’s just way too intellectual for me to follow. Thankfully I can follow the lessons of mercy and grace, the cautions of flesh vs. righteousness.
    Got a question on chapter 12:6-8. He lists 4 gifts and says if you’ve got it, do it. But then the next 3 he gives instructions on how to use the gift. . .give – generously; lead – diligently; show mercy – cheerfully. Why the change up?

    1. Jackie,
      The Bible is full of dysfunctional families, which again assures me that:
      God is not “blindsided by anything;” nothing, absolutely nothing will derail His purpose; He can use anyone; and sin is truly a “big deal.” The “bafflement” that Levi is the ancestry of priests . . .Judah is the ancestry of kings. . .
      As to the Romans 12 passage, I found a helpful article by John Piper:
      It truly is all about attitude . . .

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