Read Through the Bible 2019 — Days 18-24

Genesis 43-50; Isaiah 1-8; Mark 1-3; Romans 15-16

Did it seem like a lot of reading? Please don’t get overwhelmed . . .

God’s Sovereignty

God’s perfect timing

God’s mercy and people’s repentance

How sin is awful and pervasive . . .and looks like we could be reading current events . . .

I Romans 16, did you notice how we are partners in the gospel? The Gentiles mentioned? The women?

What did you notice this week?

Many thanks to Linda G. for the link to the chart on Isaiah

Isaiah at a Glance

5 thoughts on “Read Through the Bible 2019 — Days 18-24

  1. Beverly, you are so right that the readings we are doing are a salt lick! I so want to study Genesis and then Isaiah once I am finished with Romans. Love this style of reading through the Bible in a year and I am learning so much from all the ladies. Thanks for your obedience to Christ as you lead us this year. B Blessed!

  2. I have always found it interesting in reading the gospels, when Jesus first did his miraculous healings he told the people to not tell anyone. They immediately tell everyone that this man healed them. I’m just curious about a couple of things:
    -Jesus is God and knew what the people would do. Why did he tell them not to?
    -It doesn’t seem like many of the people recognized him as God, Messiah or Son of God. . . but some kind of magical healer.
    -Some of the people came to Him believing he could heal as the Son of God and others did not believe, but Jesus healed them anyway.
    Just some of my thoughts.
    Love listening to the folks on zoom during my drive to work!

  3. As I am ready Isaiah, I am again reminded that what GOD says, HE completes! And ALL the prophesy! It will come to pass, we can be assured of it. And there is a reason: “The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant. Isa 24:5

      1. Now in Mark 6:28 I am in awe of GOD as he walks on the water, set in HIS course “and would have passed by them.” When we are afraid and tired of rowing in this crazy life, HE wants us to call out to HIM, HE is there and will always be with us! Ok, I am done for today! Great reading HIS Word, for HIS Word IS CHRIST Jesus!

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