Read Through the Bible – Days 32 – 38

Isaiah 28-42

Hezekiah’s story is so sobering to me. He starts out well. When Assyria threatens, he turns to God. He trusts God’s salvation. He throws himself on God’s mercy when he gets sick. God grants him healing, and an additional  15 years. And then, what he does with those 15 years . . .God, please help me finish well. Keep me close to you, obedient to you.

Mark 7-10

Do I treasure tradition more than God’s Word? What “leaven of the Pharisees (religion) and Herod (culture) do I need to beware?

Did you notice all the different ways that Jesus employs to heal? He is so personal and intentional.

Did you see that the father of the demon-possessed boy believed, but he had been so disappointed. The disciples had tried to drive out the demon, but they were unsuccessful. The father took another chance; he brought him to Jesus. I do believe; help my unbelief! I have been disappointed for so long . . . and Jesus had compassion . . .(chap 9)

Lord, I want to not just “take in” your Word — I want your Word to go deep, take root, grow, and bear fruit. Change me by your word. Make me tender to obey you, whatever the cost. amen.

3 thoughts on “Read Through the Bible – Days 32 – 38

  1. It was so awesome the many ways Jesus healed. In pondering it. It seems Jesus was showing them and us that nothing is impossible with God. He has it taken care of in any manner He wishes which will make the most impact in our lives. Since the Pharisees were so hung up on connecting sins to sickness and physical conditions maybe, He, Jesus, was showing that no matter what sin they could come up with that they would say caused the person’s physical condition, He, Jesus had it forgiven and healed. Well just a thought that crossed my mind.
    Years ago God gave me Is 43:18 and 19 to hang onto. “ Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it. I know this is jumping ahead a little bit. But I saw in chapter 42 as I was reading through this time 42:9. After He tells us this, In verse 10 He tells us to sing Him a new song. So cool a new song about the new things coming. So my prayer has been that the Lord will open my eyes and keep them open to see the new things.
    I also just love the way Isaiah keeps repeatedly pointing to Jesus.

    1. Well, the things I have been looking at, and thinking about, while reading Mark, are all the different things that Jesus had/has Authority over…it was quite a list! It brought up faith and confidence in me! A very good thing! I had not looked at Mark in that way before this read through!

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