Plea for Grace

Summer Book Reading — Week 2

Posted on: July 9, 2019

Descartes . . .

Sartre . . .

Maslow’s Hierarchy . . .

Narrative of Self . . .

Chapters 4-7 (pp. 27-68) are not just a rehash of Psychology 101. These philosophers have had a profound effect on our culture. How much has their “doctrine” affected my worldview? my thinking and belief?

Follow your heart . . .

You determine your destiny . . .

Pursue your best self; fulfill your needs . . .

You are the author of your story . . .

Make certain that you matter . . .

Think of how these philosophies have been integrated into our culture. Whether movies, TV, commercials, best seller books — it is everywhere.

Here is a counter-cultural question — Who is the true “author” of my story? Who ultimately has the right to make the rules? And before you immediately jump to the Sunday School answer, consider . . .

How do I define myself?

What happens when my circumstances change? when my plans go completely and totally wrong? do I matter? does anyone care what I want?

Some Scripture to consider:

2 Corinthians 11; Philippians 3; Matthew 6:19-34; John 15:18-25

“Let God write your story . . .” — Steve Saint

What attributes of God do you need to remember/believe/submit to, in order to combat these cultural beliefs?


2 Responses to "Summer Book Reading — Week 2"

Just finished check 4-7. My goodness! I have known about all these philosophies, but I never considered how rampant they are in today’s society.
Now I understand why my beliefs might be considered “hate”.
I know that God is my author and finisher. . . but it is so easy to get side tracked and sucked in.

Yes, TV shows, movie plots, greeting cards, it’s everywhere

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