Plea for Grace May 3, 2022

Psalm 123:1-4 ESV - A Song of Ascents. 
1 To you I lift up my eyes, O you who are enthroned in the heavens! 
2 Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their master, as the eyes of a maidservant to the hand of her mistress, so our eyes look to the LORD our God, till he has mercy upon us. 
3 Have mercy upon us, O LORD, have mercy upon us, for we have had more than enough of contempt. 
4 Our soul has had more than enough of the scorn of those who are at ease, of the contempt of the proud.

Lord, I look to You. You are my Savior and my Lord. I am Your child, Your servant. With You there is steadfast love and mercy. You are holy and the Righteous Judge of the whole earth. Open the hearts of those who are contemptible — save them, Lord. Acts 26:18 ESV – 18 to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me.’

Pray for the Persecuted Church — OpenDoorsUSA

Day 2: Any native Qataris who convert to Christianity
must do so in deep secrecy or risk intense persecution
from their family and society. Pray that these believers
would know they are not alone.

Daily Wisdom
Psalm 3, 33, 63, 93, 123
Proverbs 3

2 thoughts on “Plea for Grace May 3, 2022

  1. Reblogged this on Study Scripture Online and commented:
    Now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely. And may your whole spirit, soul, and body be kept sound and blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He who calls you is faithful; he will do it. 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24

    I am so comforted, I just have to follow Him. He does the work through the Holy Spirit. I can do nothing in my own strength.

    Thank you Bev, for the Word you shared today, and everyday.

    1. I know I say this often, but it still never ceases to amaze me that the God of the universe does not “outsource” my care and my sanctification. He himself — such grace!

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