I always hesitate on an “about me” question . . .what do I say first? Missionary wife? Military wife (and mom)? Pastor’s wife? Mother-in-law? Nana? Teacher? Student? Mentor?

I currently live in Central Virginia with my husband of 43 years, near 2 of my adult children and 9 of my 11 grandchildren (the others live in Interior Alaska, where we lived for 17+ years).

Because of several autoimmune conditions which have severely affected my heart, brain and lungs, I have been increasingly homebound since 2011. Life may look different, but the calling is the same: go, and make disciples, teaching them to observe all that Jesus commanded; and love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love my neighbor as myself (from Matthew 22 and 28).


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I praise God every day for the technology He provides that make it possible to go and make disciples. The gift of teaching and speaking that is in you comes out and changes lives as you talk to women, teaching the Word of God and being there for these women. Your physical condition gave you a new group of people to disciple. And because of that, God in His timing and His plan allowed me to become one those whom you have discipled. I thank our Heavenly Father every day for that.

  2. Bev!!! Oh how I have wondered about you and prayed for you over the years. What a joyful divine appointment to find you; still loving Jesus, still teaching His Word, and still with a heart for those around you. ❤️ Your deep love and care for me as a young woman in AK has had a lasting, transforming impact that has shaped me as a woman, a wife, a mama, and a therapist. ❤️
    I would LOVE to catch up with you! Please tell your husband hello from us! So much gratitude and love to you. ~Cari

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